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Who we are

  • The Maritime Business Chamber (MBC) is a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) with the aim to address the imbalances and opportunities in the Maritime Industry representing the interests of all businesses and associations currently and wishing to participate in the sector.
  • The chamber is strategically aligned with the Operation Phakisa, Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy (CMTP), South Africa’s Oceans Economy Master Plan and the IMO Maritime Policy for sustainable maritime and determined to align itself with the maritime global commitments.
  • The Maritime Business Chamber (MBC) supports all national, regional and international Maritime programmes that seeks to promote sustainability (balance socio-economic and environmental issues in the Maritime industry).

Our background

The Maritime Business Chamber (MBC) was initially established as a platform to address the challenges faced by individual small businesses in the Eastern Cape within the Maritime Industry.

Chamber Transition Timeline

Our Vision and Mission


  • To be a be a leading, inclusive, progressive and transformative chamber for the development of competent and sustainable maritime enterprises


  • To be a leading partner in offering maritime services that promote socio-economic growth and maritime industry capacity building.


  • Maritime for US ALL!


The Maritime Business Chamber (MBC) Objectives are:


To advocate for policy matters that seeks to address the issues of participation for historically disadvantaged businesses due to legislation and regulations that are biased and one-sided.


To facilitate networking opportunities for maritime enterprises and encourage soft landings and develop maritime industry value chain for broader economic participation; To contribute to the growth (jobs and GDP) and wealth creation by promoting, developing and expanding entrepreneurship;


To build a globally competitive chamber and ensure representation of SA maritime sector at a global level. To establish practical linkages and a global network to reduce over-reliance to local institutions.


To facilitate and advocate for accreditation/industry compliance for its constituency; To advocate for policy matters addressing participation for historically disadvantaged businesses due to legislation and regulations that are biased and one sided; To champion the awareness and the promotion of the Maritime Sector by cooperating with partners and stakeholders within the broader Maritime sector both public and private.


To facilitate the procurement processes to reach the end of the value chain in the bottom line; To facilitate technical support through stakeholder partnerships; To build a market intelligence bank that will seek to stand as a surety for the disadvantaged. (Access to finance for members and sustainability of the chamber)

MBC Objectives for African Continental Alignment and Global Positioning:


Round Table and Maritime Think-Tank Discussions on Africa’s Maritime regulations, policy/bills/legislations and Marine Environment


Enterprise Development that will address core competencies & capabilities, systems development, and Maritime Leadership Development


Facilitation of access to finance through fundraising for the Maritime industry and social causes, sponsorships, and Investments;


Stakeholder collaboration in the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACfTA) and Revised Africa Maritime Transport Charter;


Encourage and promote synergies, collaboration, SMART & sustainable, innovative and efficient ways of doing business amongst all African Maritime innovative and efficient ways of doing business amongst all African Maritime industry bodies or structures;


Global competitiveness by forging intra-regional African partnerships, promoting regional practice internationally, and benchmarking; and


Advocate for efficient and competitive ports, shipping and maritime services in Africa

Chamber Transformation Direction for the Maritime Industry

  • Policy direction leaning towards development of emerging businesses or industrialists.
  • Increased efforts by government to promote and uplift SMME participation in the key maritime sector activities.
  • Industry regulation for promotion of localization that will drive job creation and SMME opportunities for partnerships.

Cluster Operations

Sectors of Focus

Maritime Logistics and Infrastructure
Shipping Transport
Fisheries, Pharmaceuticals and Aquaculture
Off-shore Energy and Mining
Ports, Marine Services and Coastal
Maritime Leisure
Shipping Logistics
Marine & Civil Engineering
Sports and Recreation
Marine Technologies
Boating and Cruising

Cluster Operations


Corporate Government and Monitoring
Training and Education
Transformation and Localization
Media and Communication
Occupational, Health and Safety
Business Support
Innovation and Technology
Research and Development
Policy and Regulation


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